2005 Thomas HDX Rear Engine
C7 Caterpillar - 7.2L - 210 hp
Inline 6 turbo diesel

 MD3060 push button
Allison automatic - 5 speed

(6th gear not unlocked)
Locking torque converter

13 row
13 Row - 75 Children - 50 Adults
Virginia specs
Adjustable Pedals
Air Ride Driver's Seat
Power Heated Mirrors
Tilt & Telescoping Steering Wheel
  Tinted Windows
AM/FM Stereo
Miles shown 173,409
GVWR 35,350
65 mph
Inside Height 73 in
Inside Length 27 1/2ft floor

Inside Length 31ft to rear window
Outside Length 36 1/2 ft


At just under 37', this bus is a nice size for a conversion.
The wheelbase is short enough to make it very maneuverable.
It also has plenty of power and reliability with this Caterpillar
diesel.  There are no exhaust treatment systems to go bad.  Cat
did not need these systems to meet emissions.  They were clean
and efficient, and reliable.  The transmission is the best there
ever was in a school bus, in my opinion.  It is very heavy duty
and should not give you concern.  There is a 6th gear that is
locked out.  If you truly wanted to go faster than 65, it could
be unlocked.  Personally, I think it goes fast enough.  This
would be ideal for a church ministry.  There is tinted glass,
but no air conditioning to go bad and cost thousands to fix.

This bus is clean and straight, not beaten up at all.  Incredibly nice!
These pictures are current and show the bus as it sits today.

LED lights are bright and draw very little electricity.  The tailgate
on the engine compartment is actually light weight carbon fiber,
not steel.  This eradicated the rust issues from years past.  Notice
how nice and straight this bus is!  Even the bumpers are straight.
If you have been shopping for a used bus, you know this is rare!

Look how clean and nice this side door is.  Many used buses with side doors
have plenty of rust inside here.  Not this one!

The door, itself, is often rusted, especially along the bottom.  Not this one!
There is a dead bolt lock on the inside to secure this door.  NOTE: the bus
will not start when the door is locked.

This side door is in great condition.  We even see many Florida buses with rust
inside here.  The door, itself, can have rust just from condensation over the years.
Not this one!  If you have been looking at buses with side doors, you know why
I paid so much attention to this one.  You won't a nicer one!

Step on up!  If the bus was new, the steps couldn't be more solid.  The step treads aren't even worn.
Not every bus has two hand rails, one on each side.  When you get old like me, or if you are a small
child, you will appreciate them.  Actually, everyone will appreciate them!

For anyone shopping for a bus, look at this driver seat.  SUPER NICE!!
And air ride.  It also has adjustable lumbar support.  An additional
option on this bus (which it has many) are the adjustable pedals.
You can move the pedals up or down to fit your needs.  Shorter
legs can reach them.  Longer legs can be comfortable  There is
also a tilt steering wheel, and power mirrors.  The mirrors are
also heated, so they will not fog up or get covered with rain water.
This is a very nice bus!!

The seats are good.  Very good!  Florida has seat belt requirements for school buses, but not for church buses.
Most states do not require seat belts.  7 Reasons Why School Buses Don't Have Seat Belts - The News Wheel
Seat belts are a wonderful weapon for children.  Ask any bus driver.  Kids swing the buckles and hurt others.
If you need seat belts, this is probably not the bus for you.  They can be added, but public schools often complain
about buses that did not come from the factory with seat belts.  There is no way to make sure every child is
belted, even when you do have seat belts.  The high back, padded seats are extremely safe and have a
proven track record of safety, which is why most states do not require children to be buckled in larger buses.
If you are converting the bus, you will probably remove all of these nice seats!

Matching front tires.  Deep tread,  The bus drives incredibly nice!!

Deep tread on the back, also.  Ready to run!!

Nothing but surface rust under here.  If you wanted, you could clean it up quite quickly
with some rust converter.  This bus came out of Virginia.  I have seen Florida buses with
more rust than this, underneath.