We deliver buses to all 48 contiguous United States and to U.S. ports or to border locations.  Low cost delivery is part of our effort to serve you and make your bus purchasing experience a good one.  Of course, you are always welcome to pick up the bus on your own.

We do not farm out our deliveries.  It is important to us that we do the driving ourselves, take good care of your bus on the road, and have the ability to meet with you when we arrive and tell you EXACTLY how your bus performs and how it compares to others.  Since most of the buses we offer for sale have already been driven hundreds of miles by us, our confidence in the bus we sell you is already high.

We use Google Maps to determine miles and the delivery fee is determined prior to delivery.  It never fluctuates!  Delivery schedules can vary, depending on your location and our current work schedule.  We do our best to get your bus to you as soon as possible and deliveries generally occur within 10 days of purchase.  If you need your bus immediately, we will do our best to get it to you.

1)  For deliveries to private parties, churches, and non-profit organizations, our delivery fee is $200 plus $1.10/mile from where the bus is currently located to your designated delivery point.  We work hard to keep your delivery costs low so your work (or dreams) can become more easily recognized.  We work for (literally) pennies an hour in order to bring your bus to you.

2)  For deliveries to commercial entities,
our delivery fee is $350 plus $1.10/mile from where the bus is currently located to your designated delivery point.  Working a bus for a commericial enterprise is a wise choice.  It is impossible to find better maintained vehicles on the used truck market.  Our delivery fee for delivering a commercial vehicle to you is one of the lowest in the country.  We offer this as a service to you, not for personal profit.

For deliveries to ports, our delivery fee is $350 plus $1.10/mile, plus a $300 fee for crossing the bus onto the port.  Fees are based from where the bus is currently located to your designated port.   It is your responsibility to take care of all shipping costs and to arrange for the port to accept the bus.  When you have your information in order, simply contact us and give us the delivery location, the time you need the bus to the port, and all necessary contact information.
For all buses sold for export, Florida sales tax must be paid, unless the bus is delivered by us to the port.

We welcome the opportunity help you by delivering the bus for you at these reasonable rates.  If you have any questions, please call MY PERSONAL CELL PHONE AT 727-457-1491 or send an email to